Who we are


Who we are

Hello everyone and welcome to Perfume and Aftershave. Here we will be testing the latest Perfumes and Aftershaves that are on the market and informing you on the contents used and also more importantly how the product smells.


Well basically there is nothing more annoying than buying a product on the internet especially perfume that you can’t smell and judge whether its for you. Also, they might look beautiful in a fancy bottle but we always come back to smell which in the following articles I will try to explain the smells of the products so you can make a more educated purchase.


I managed a Perfume store on our main High St for ten years and also I had a Perfume and Aftershave web store for just 1 year. I closed the site due to lack of online marketing experience but hopefully i have gained enough experience now.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


At Perfumes and Aftershaves website you will notice two main categories, one for the latest Perfume testing and the other for the Aftershave testing.

In each category you will see different products from different manufacturers and in these you will see the;

  • History of the company
  • The perfumer who brought that product to life
  • Notes of the product
  • Results
  • Public Reviews
  • Conclusion

I hope you enjoy the website which you can follow and we will update you on our latest products that we tested.


Kind Regards






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