Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

Hello and welcome to Perfume and Aftershave website, where we research the products giving you interesting facts about Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme. We also test the product to give you our honest opinion on how it worked and was it worth the money you are about to invest. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme aftershave is part of a huge collection from the Gucci fragrance Labs which I’m sure will wet your appetite for more. Gucci Guilty was first released to the public in 2013 but still a firm favourite for most people.

We have split this article into different categories beginning with the; 

  • History
  • Perfumer
  • Notes
  • Description of Notes
  • What was our Findings
  • Public Reviews
  • Reasons to consider when purchasing your product
  • Description of different types of Perfumes
  • Where to store your fragrance
  • Media Section
  • Conclusion

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Guccio Gucci


Guccio Gucci was born on the 26th March 1881 and died on the 2nd January 1953.

Gucci was an Italian-British business man, as a teenager he started out as a lift boy in the 1900s at the Savoy Hotel, where he gained his inspiration to sell top quality clothing to the public.

In 1921, he returned to Florence to pursue his dream and at this time he decided to sell leather goods, mostly bags to horsemen on the carriages and as his reputation grew for the quality he produced his business started to take off.

By 1938 he expanded his business to Rome where he continued to grow his empire through Europe and in 1953 he expanded to America in Manhattan. By 1997 the company had over 97 stores worldwide.


Jacques Huclier

Picture of Jaques Huclier

Jacques has created fragrances for a diverse range of clients. He created fragrances for Adidas as well as Amen for French couturier Thierry Mugler, which became the masculine counterpart to Mugler’s highly influential Angel perfume.

More recently, Jacques has created fragrances for niche brands including Map of the Heart. Although he appreciates working with a diverse range of clients, it is projects like Map of the Heart that push him to craft unique and creative compositions. Jacques’ recent move from Paris to New York has also opened his creativity to new influences.


Top notes Lavender, Coriander

Middle notesOrange Flower

Base notes Patchouli

Fragrance Wheel

Description of Notes

  • Top notes: Also called the head notes. The scents that are perceived immediately on application of a perfume. Top notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They form a person’s initial impression of a perfume and thus are very important in the selling of a perfume. Examples of top notes include mint, lavender and coriander.
  • Middle notes: Also referred to as heart notes. The scent of a perfume that emerges just prior to the dissipation of the top note. The middle note compounds form the “heart” or main body of a perfume and act to mask the often unpleasant initial impression of base notes, which become more pleasant with time. Examples of middle notes include seawater, sandalwood and jasmine.
  • Base notes: The scent of a perfume that appears close to the departure of the middle notes. The base and middle notes together are the main theme of a perfume. Base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume. Compounds of this class of scents are typically rich and “deep” and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after application. Examples of base notes include tobacco, amber and musk.

What was our Findings

Well what can we say?. Gucci Guilty Black Pour homme was abit of a let down.  The fragrance is great and if only the fragrance was long lasting Gucci might of had a best seller on his hands. But alas if you purchase this aftershave you might have to carry a sample bottle with you to reapply later in the day. With a price of £65,00 upwards for a bottle of 90ml it does not come cheap, just for the longevity of the product. Smells great though!!

The fragrance starts out as a strong scent of pepper, followed by a lemon scent and to finish the lavender takes control. I really think if they had added musk to this fragrance it would of been perfect.

Romance is in the air!
Public Reviews

  • This eau de toilette is perfect for everyday wear. It’s not too overpowering and my teenage son has really enjoyed wearing to school or on a night out.
  • I bought this for my partner, as his best aftershave was stolen on our holiday. He’s never had this before. So just getting use to the fragrance.
  • One of my favourite Gucci fragrances, not overpowering it’s just right. Great for any occasion and one application lasts.
  • Can’t say I was overly impressed with this. It’s OK but nowt to write home about. The smell doesn’t stay on you all day,I can’t knock it as such but I wouldn’t buy it again,I just thought I’d try it.

    Romance is in the air!

Reasons to consider when purchasing your perfume

The reason why some perfumes are expensive really depends on what ingredients it contains which is why fake perfumes are cheaper.

Because of this, the products are not natural but man made, to actually copy the scent, which is really a false saving because over time you will use twice the amount of the fake product for it to smell for the same time period as the original.

There are lots of reasons to consider when purchasing your perfume as the following will explain;

Description of Types of Perfume

  • Perfume or Extrait – in English is known as perfume extract, pure perfume, or simply perfume: 15–40% aromatic compounds.
  • Esprit of Parfum (ESDP) – 15–30% aromatic compounds, a seldom used strength concentration in between EDP and perfume.
  • Eau de parfum (EdP) or parfum de toilette (PdT) – 10–20% aromatic compounds (typically ~15%). Sometimes called “eau de parfum” or “millésime”; parfum de toilette is a less common term, most popular in the 1980s. That is generally analogous to eau de parfum.
  • Eau de toilette (EDT) – 5–15% aromatic compounds (typically ~10%); This is the staple for most masculine perfumes.
  • Eau de Cologne ( EDC ) – Often simply called cologne: 3–8% aromatic compounds (typically ~5%).
  • Eau fraiche – Products sold as “splashes”, “mists”, “veils” and other imprecise terms. Generally these products contain 3% or less aromatic compounds and are diluted with water rather than oil or alcohol.
Gucci Guilty Amazon
Gucci Guilty Black Available at Amazon

Once you have purchased your product, where do you store it?.

Well most people will put their perfume in the bathroom or on their bedside cabinet by the window, but this couldn’t be worse for your perfume.

Perfumes hate direct sunshine and damp places like a typical bathroom, so my advise would be to store it in a dark corner of your bedroom and it will last as long as the manufacturer specifications.

Media Section

Guilty Black Marketing Video

Gucci Guilty Video


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